Monday, January 11, 2010

2009: The Year We Got Contacts

Fresh off their triumphant return with last week's Class Reunion Special, Karl and Bob keep things rolling with their belated look back at 2009. The tragedy! The triumph! The taint! (Or perineum, if you prefer.)

How have Karl and Bob improved over the last year? Did Karl actually give into temptation and embrace man-on-sheep love-making? What kind of she-male craps out half-way through a marathon? Who will win the coveted Jagoff of the Year award? And just what does Manimal have to do with all this? (Nothing. Just wanted to work in a Manimal reference. By the way, NBC, if you need another hour of programming to replace the Jay Leno Wanks Himself Blind hour, I'm available to write a remake of Manimal for a whole new generation.)

Give episode 20 a listen, you magnificent bastards!

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