Friday, June 27, 2008

Is This Thing On?

Hey folks. Bob here. Just wanted to tell anyone who might have stumbled across this site (at this point, I doubt anyone is actively seeking us out) what's going on and why we haven't been heard from in so very, very long.

Well, things have been a mite hectic for Karl and myself.

Karl's dog has been ill. So he's spent a good deal of time looking after the poor critter. On top of that, he's been training--as was mentioned in a previous podcast--for a late-night marathon in Tromso, Norway. In fact, he's in Norway as I write this.

And as for me, I'm not that busy, I'm just lame.

Because of all this, the hectic schedules and the lameness, The Conversation has kind of taken a back-seat to the rest of our lives.

Rest assured, though, we are simply on a hiatus. In fact, our long-awaited Salute to Shitty Cinema as been recorded and is simply awaiting some final edits from the busy, busy Karl. I promise you, we'll be back on our feet and spouting pointless nonsense that nobody wants to listen to before you know it.

Meanwhile, here's hoping that you're enjoying your summer and spending as much time as possible not vomiting.