Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anarchy at Boys' State!

In this week's episode, Keith and Joe compare notes from the respective years they participated in the mind-fuck that is Buckeye Boys' State.

As an extra-special bonus supplement to this Conversation, here are a few random memories of my time at B.B.S. that didn't make it onto the show:
  • Most mornings, the guys in my dorm were woken up by one or another Boys' Stater blasting "Pour Some Sugar on Me" at top volume on their boom box. This was a long, long time ago, people.
  • The mandatory afternoon meetings were often enlivened when the National Guard Band the American Legionnaires brought in would play the Official State Rock Song of the Great State of Ohio: Hang on Sloopy. That's how goddamn boring the meetings were, folks.
  • The boys of Buckeye Boys' State were so desperate for female companionship after a week of utter Sausage Fest that we used to sneak into the Bowling Green ice arena to watch the figure skaters practicing. This is really only remarkable because I'm talking about fully one third of the participants at B.B.S.
By the way, nobody there actually called it "B.B.S.", but typing out Buckeye Boys' State over and goddamn over gets tiring. Anyway, give it a listen. We talk about non-Boys' State-related stuff, too.